"To What Standard do you want to be held?" - Douglas Lightstone

This is our first podcast episode of Mile High coming directly off the Mile High Chiropractic movement weekend. We are grateful to have on this episode Doug Lightstone of HealthandWellnessScore.com. If you have not heard already, during the course of the Mile High Chiropractic weekend, the attendees who are committed to the movement of chiropractic being centered on subluxation raised a total of $55,000 for subluxation centered research, as well as over $20,000 for Sherman College. Absolutely amazing and merely an overall 100 people already registered for next year. Now it's your turn! Register now for Mile High 2018 August 16th to 19th. For a limited about of time registration is at 50% off the at the door registration.

In this episode Dr. Doug Lightstone discusses the chiropractic research and how it can influence public policy, as well as how you could use a quality of life survey in your office with your patients to document their improvement, as well as contribute to the research needed in chiropractic.

We all know how chiropractic works. We see it every day in our offices. We need more research because the world doesn't know about it. The value and necessity of chiropractic research in the future and the future of the profession is vital. Become part of the movement now. See you at Mile High 2018..

Question of the day: "Why is it important for chiropractors to think about of children?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • What were your expectations of Mile High?
  • What was your experience with Mile High?
  • What was a memorable experience or takeaway from Mile High?
  • Why is research important in chiropractic?
  • How can health and wellness score be used in my office?

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