"Chiropractors are men and women of vision." - Daniel Knowles

The Mile High Speaker and Exhibitor Podcast interviews are just getting going. Stay tuned on the Mile High Facebook page for the live interviews conducted by our MCs, and Mile High Fans, and chiropractic student. These will be fun all the way through. In this one, Dan Lemberger interviews Mile High founder Daniel Knowles, and covers lots of details and highlights for the exciting happenings during the weekend. What's really exciting is grabbing your seats now at www.milehighchiro.org, and including the use of a coupon code, 'milehigh50' to save yourself $50 off a full-price D.C. ticket.

In this episode, Daniel Knowles covers all of the highlights, from starting Thursday night at 5:00pm registration, as well that we will be holding two hours of CE during that Thursday night session. The breakout session's on Friday, led by Shawn Dill, Donald Epstein, and Jacob Sims. Highlights are some of the speakers speaking, the after party, and so much more. This episode really gets you in on the action of what's happening. Stay tuned for more episodes sprinkled throughout the week so you can start your Mile High experience now. Why wait until August to get in on the fun? Look forward to seeing you on higher ground, August 17th to 20th.


"Colorado is now not only a family vacation destination but also a destination for chiropractic."
- Dan Lemberger

Question of the day: "Where do you like to visit in Colorado?" Please let me know in the comments.

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