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Daniel Knowles: Clinical Excellence and the Art of Chiropractic [PODCAST]

One of these most valuable acknowledgements I’ve ever received was at graduation for chiropractic college, from Sherman College, The Clinical Excellence Award.  It was a complete surprise to me and something I was very grateful to receive.  Throughout my 20+ years in practice, clinical excellence has always been the highest standard for which to reach.  It’s important to continually raise the bar for clinical excellence.

On this podcast you’ll hear a recording of a class I taught at Sherman college of Chiropractic for their second quarter of students with Dean, Dr. Brian Dooley.  After presenting the class Brian thought it would be great if the fans of the Mile High Podcast got to be flies on the wall and listen to what we presented.

Clinical excellence is important, and that’s why Mile High 2021 is focused on the ART of Chiropractic. There are so many things that doctors do in Chiropractic and call it ART, and the focus isn’t necessarily on the ART.  The  real focus is on clinical excellence, which is the basis for the ART.

Enjoy this podcast where you learn more about clinical excellence in chiropractic care. Consider how you can raise the bar in your own practice. One of the ways to an outstanding practice is to actually deliver clinically-excellent care.

If you haven’t reserved your seats for Mile High 2021 in Denver, September 23rd – 26th, do it.  The information, motivation, and inspiration you receive will elevate your skills in the art and create increasing success in your practice in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you all!

Let’s move forward together!

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Daniel Knowles: Clinical Excellence and the Art of Chiropractic [PODCAST]