Dan Lyons: Science, Science, Science. [PODCAST]

The Mile High Philosophy and Science Virtual Summits have now become legendary.  

Dr. Dan Lyons was one of the presenters in last year’s Subluxation Science Summit. This episode of the Mile High podcast is a replay of his segment of the Summit. He’s very well known for his work with Gonstad Research.

You can hear more of Dr. Dan at Mile High 2020 from Denver, August 20th -23rd.  The Mile High live, in-person event is sold out.  The good news is that you can access Mile High 2020 virtually from around the world.  This will be phenomenal.  Enjoy this episode with Dan Lyons hear much more from him at Mile High 2020.  If you registered early, you’ll be able to attend the live event.  If you didn’t register before the seats for the in-person event were sold out, you can still register and watch everything virtually on your computer.  You can also share the link with up to 4 of your team members and colleagues.  You will also receive some special bonuses, including the streaming video of Mile High 2020.  Register at www.milehigh2020.com and get ready for the event of a lifetime.

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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