"The people that are going to Mile High are people that are serving on a higher level." - Cathy Wendland-Colby

There is an incredible surge of women enrollment across the board in chiropractic colleges. In fact, some chiropractic institutions are tipping past the 50% enrollment being female. The League of Chiropractic Women is committed to helping women be connected, powerful leaders in the chiropractic profession, and Mile High is truly in support of that movement. Join us at Mile High August 16th to 19th, www.milehighchiroregistration.com Bonus register before September 30th to attend a 50% of the at the door rate as well as receive the T Shirt and Guidebook from this year on us!

The LCW supports women with resources to become chiropractic leaders and to take our chiropractic way of life to all areas of our lives. This episode is unique in that Dr. Colby was interviewing me for the LCW so we decided that when she was interviewing me we would let this episode be a turn around for the Mile High podcast where we use it as one of our episodes of myself being interviewed on our own podcast.

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In this episode, I get asked some very important questions, includin the Mile High Speaker Audition, the process on how I select the speakers for Mile High and many more.

Mile-High has always been intentional that women are well represented within the presenter list at the event. From the moment we start planning, we always make sure that our CE speakers are for example 50% women, and we do the same with our panels, and many of the other speaking slots with a goal of having a very diverse presentation. All from practitioners who are focused on keeping the main thing, the chiropractic adjustment and subluxation the center of chiropractic.

Learn more about the League of Chiropractic Women at www.lcwmen.com

Rise up to Mile High in 2018, August 16th-19th. We'll see you on higher ground. Reserve your seats before September 30th and save.

Question of the day: "Why is it important for chiropractors to think about of children?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions asked:

  • How do you feel about the saying "women can't bring it" from your perspective?
  • How do you actually go about selecting the speakers for Mile High?
  • Are you thinking about not only the program but the attendees that have been there?
  • Let's talk about the Mile High speaker audition?

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