Carlos Sellés: Expanding Vision [PODCAST]

There’s nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.  The idea of by Carlos Sellés is such an idea.

Carlos Sellés, BS, D.C. was born and raised the island of Puerto Rico.  He graduated from Life University in 1994 and manages multiple clinics in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

You’ll enjoy this Mile High podcast with Dr. Carlos, and you’ll be inspired to help reach the second largest population group on the planet with chiropractic.  When you hear his ideas, you’re going to be super-excited to reach more people easily with chiropractic. 

Be sure to listen to the entirety of the podcast if you haven’t already, register to be a part of Mile High 2020.  You can still get virtual “seats” no matter where in the world you are and watch from August 20th – 22rd from the comfort of your own home or office.  You can register today to reserve your seats at Soon after you register, you’ll receive links where you and up to 4 of your team members or colleagues can gain access to Mile High.  After the event, you’ll receive streaming video of all the Mile High 2020 presentations.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at the virtual event!

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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