"I want to help humanity by helping more chiropractors get to more patients through the techonology." - Brock Brascho

Brock Brascho, a non-chiropractor, has had a major impact on the chiropractic profession that very few chiropractors have. He has been the voice of the CLA for more than 27 years, has spoken to over 11,000 chiropractors and has helped over 6,000 client docs achieve their greatest successes.

CLA's position has always been focused on elevating the excellence of chiropractors as they understand, examine, analyze, and report the subluxation. They teach chiropractors how to use Insight technologies to enhance the chiropractic exam, ROS, and re-exam processes. Now CLA is helping chiropractors live in a world without wires, transitioning all their products to wireless.’

In this interview, Brock talks about the three "clinical subluxations" that hold many chiropractors back.

Brock will be at Mile High 2017 this year, as he is every year. You need to be in Denver too, August 17th-20th. Mile High is THE premiere chiropractic event of the year. Register right now at www.milehighchiro.org/pre-register before the investment for tickets rises on August 15th. Decide before then to rise up to a higher altitude and aptitude.


Question of the day: "What do you feel are the characteristics the most successful chiropractors on the planet have?" Please let me know in the comments.

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