"There's no better philosophy than the work producing the results of a lifestyle that's creates less and less interference in the nervous system." - Brian T. Lumb

How many people truly have wanted to be a chiropractor since they were nine years old? And have had the first adjustment at six months old? Dr. Brian T. Lumb is truly a chiropractors chiropractor. Enjoy this episode which is an incredible journey through chiropractic history, the life of Dr. Lumb as well as lessons from some of our professions greats.

Dr. Lumb and his wife own and operate Nourish and Flourish in Asheville North Carolina which has been the recipient of the beer town of America award the last three years. He runs his network care center while she runs her NIA classes and center. And they are both connected by an organic juice and Tea bar. To my knowledge the only chiropractor who's had a recipe in Bon Appetit magazine.

Dr. Lumb' s chiropractic background as a Gonstead practitioner whose father engineered equipment used at the Gonstead clinic and who now focus' on Network Spinal Analysis has an incredible passion for the principle.

This episode will surely light your chiropractic spizz for the month. Get more Brian T. Lumb at the Mile High Chiro movement weekend August 18-21st, 2016 register at www.milehighchiro.org today while you can still save on registration.


"We must be able to stand up strongly, speak loudly and clearly."
- Brian T. Lumb

Question of the day: "What chiropractic methodologies have most influenced you?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • Share your chiropractic journey and how you originally got into chiropractic.
  • What chiropractic practice has ever appeared in a cooking mag?
  • What kind of tips or advice you can give to people in their office on how they can better serve in their own ways
  • Anything that you are really looking forward to being on the Mile High stage?

People Mentioned:

  • Dr Gonstead
  • Dr David Cox
  • Pasquale Cerasoli
  • Donald Epstein
  • DD Palmer
  • Arno Burnier
  • Lou Corleto
  • Marc Swerdlick
  • Simon Senzon
  • Daniel Knowles

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