Bobby Doscher: The Power of Chiropractic – It’s a Lifestyle [PODCAST]

Dr. Bobby Doscher is President and CEO of the Children’s Chiropractic Center “Oklahaven”, founded in 1962 in Oklahoma City.  She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College and later became a Doctor of Naturopathy as well.  During the Chiropractic Centennial of 1995, Dr. Doscher was chosen as one of the 12 Great Women in the History of Chiropractic and was also named as the Woman Chiropractor of the Year.

Dr. Bobby was an international flight attendant taking troops in and out of Vietnam.  She’s won many humanitarian awards for her unwavering dedication to natural healthcare for children.  Her influence continues to be felt throughout the world.

She is the author of And Now What Do I Do, Guide to Functional Neurological Evaluation, and Turkey Notes.You can learn more about Dr. Bobby at  and

On this podcast, you will discover:

  • How children can heal, no matter how severe their condition
  • The worldwide need for help to heal children
  • The history of Oklahaven and the Have-A-Heart promotion
  • Sticking to the true premise of chiropractic in the future
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

You’ll have the opportunity to hear Dr. Doscher speak in person at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  She’ll be one of more than 25 awesome speakers taking the stage during the weekend.  She truly is an amazing and powerful person, whom you’ll totally enjoy!

If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High yet, now is the time to do it at  You’ll be so glad you did!!

Enjoy the podcast!  Looking forward to seeing you rise up a Mile High this summer!

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