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Beth Zogg: A Legacy in Chiropractic Artistry [PODCAST]

It’s not so often that you get to connect first hand with chiropractic history. This podcast I have the honor to hear from Beth Zogg who is the legendary Jay Clay Thompson’s granddaughter and has taken the lead on the Jay Clay Thompson Foundation and teaching.

A graduate of Life University in ’95, we crossed paths back then and we are going to cross paths again at Mile High live and she has an incredible knowledge of philosophy and the art, and you are going to be really glad that you crossed paths with her on this podcast and also at Mile High. She’s taught about cervical, X-ray analysis and thermography and is focusing on subluxation, the adjustment, analysis and delivering to humanity what we are really all about.

During this podcast, you will hear wonderful, inspiring chiropractic history stories and about Clay Thompson’s first adjustment and his relationship with BJ Palmer.

This will be one of our most listened to famous podcasts, truly enjoy and after you listen to this you’re never going to want to miss any Mile High tech. Make sure you hit subscribe on the podcast and make sure you rise up in June. We will see you there.

Enjoy the webinar and if you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High2021 in Denver, June 3rd – 6th as yet, do it now! Come learn from Beth and all the other speakers as well! Your investment for this immersion into the Art of Chiropractic will never be lower. Reserve your seats today at

For more on the legendary Thompson Technique, and check out the Facebook Group, J Clay Thompson Technique Foundation.

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Beth Zogg: A Legacy in Chiropractic Artistry [PODCAST]