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"Chiropractors are men and women of vision." - Daniel Knowles

You've heard people talking about it, and they are continuing to talk about it and will all year!

Which is how over the top Mile High was this calendar year.

No better time than now to grab your seats for Mile High 6, August 16-19, 2018, along with streaming access to all 5 years of Mile High.

We've always said it's the undisputed "Highest Event" in all of chiropractic.

we've just got back from the editing room the highlight reel from 2017, as well as all of the video footage.

Check out this highlight reel on iTunes

On Facebook.

Or on Youtube.

And you'll see how we have raised the bar really high this year.

I know you will enjoy watching the highlight reel. It gave me chills watching it.

One of my areas of focus is to make sure to work on my mindset and heartset every day, and I do that by watching audio and videos. Imagine having access to 130 presentations from the last 5 years in your pocket, just like this highlight reel.

Well, you could have that, as well as know your seats are held for next year.

Join us at Mile High.

After you watch this, you certainly will want to.

See you there.

Your in the vision

Daniel and Richelle Knowles

PS Rise up to Mile High in 2018, August 16th-19th. We'll see you on higher ground. Reserve your seats before September 30th and save.


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