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Monthly Archives: May 2016

"There's no better philosophy than the work producing the results of a lifestyle that's creates less and less interference in the nervous system." - Brian T. Lumb

How many people truly have wanted to be a chiropractor since they were nine years old? And have had the first adjustment at six months old? Dr. Brian T. Lumb is truly a chiropractors chiropractor. Enjoy this episode which is an incredible journey through chiropractic history, the life of Dr. Lumb as well as lessons from some of our professions greats.

Dr. Lumb and his wife own and operate Nourish and Flourish in Asheville North Carolina which has been the recipient of the beer town of America award the last three years. He runs his network care center while she runs her NIA classes and center. And they are both connected by an organic juice and Tea bar. To my knowledge the only chiropractor who's had a recipe in Bon Appetit magazine.

Dr. Lumb' s chiropractic background as a Gonstead practitioner whose father engineered equipment used at the Gonstead clinic and who now focus' on Network Spinal Analysis has an incredible passion for the principle.

This episode will surely light your chiropractic spizz for the month. Get more Brian T. Lumb at the Mile High Chiro movement weekend August 18-21st, 2016 register at today while you can still save on registration.


"We must be able to stand up strongly, speak loudly and clearly."
- Brian T. Lumb

Question of the day: "What chiropractic methodologies have most influenced you?" Please let me know in the comments.

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"Don't give up in partice when things Aren't going your way!"
- Cornell Zeus Cornish

Enjoy this real world practice success and impact message from Cornell Zeus Cornish one of my favorite people in chiropractic. A few years back, I heard Zeus speak at an Amped conference in Breckenridge and his authenticity and heart blew me away. I am extremely excited he will be joining us at Mile High this year, August 18th - 21st.

This life university graduate from 2010 first started in Colorado Springs, and then him and his wife moved to Desoto, Texas, just outside Dallas. And he shares his story of initially struggling, and now, four and a half years, going extremely strong with two offices making a big impact in their community.

The heart of his message: be yourself and be confident in who you are. He shares how when he shifted to being his original self, and  focusing his heart and hands on the right mindset, it shifted his practice.

Him and his wife Teandra are both chiropractors practicing together, and they've learned how to improve their work/home life split and balance to enjoy their practice and their family, and be successful as well as serve the community at the same time. A great real world inspiration to anybody.

In this episode, you will learn why Zeus considers himself a Tortoise, and how it's important to run your own marathon.

Look forward to you joining us at Mile High, where a a pure chiropractic message from inside the center of the country outwards, August 18-21st. Register today at


"When it's a marathon, tortoise win!"
- Cornell Cornish

Question of the day: "What are things that you do to help you be able to serve people to your best ability?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • How did you find you way into chiropractic?
  • what are some things that is helpful to people in the dynamic of a family running chiropractic office?
  • What do you tell to people not to give up in their first year in practice?
  • Can you share us about being a Dynamic?
  • What are the couple things that you focus on?
  • Tell people about the things that you do in your community?
  • What do you want to leave as an advice to observe?

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"You have a Strong Body... A Healthy Body.. Your Body Knows how to Heal You."
- Patti Giuliano

Authentically living a chiropractic family lifestyle is what I think of when I think of Patty Giuliano. This heartwarming podcast with Patty Giuliano, hosted by Dan Lemberger will really take you on a journey that will expand your vision of what's possible for you and your life. Drs. Peter Kevorkian and Patty Giuliano have a one of a kind home office family practice in Westwood Massachusetts. Patty has practiced for 33 years, and her and her husband, Dr. Peter Kevorkian, run the longest standing consistently meeting philosophy group in the United States. Patty Giuliano is a genuine connector of people who has grown up in chiropractic and has growth through chiropractic. A Life University graduate who is highly involved with the League of Chiropractic Women shares shares simple truths of practice success including what they did to build Westwood Family Chiropractic from the ground up to a practice that's sustainable through referrals and a wellness oriented lifetime family care model.

Gratefully, Dr. Patty Giuliano will be joining us as a one-hour continuing education session at Mile High this year, August 18th to 21st, 2016. Join us at Mile High to get more of Dr. Patti by registering here.

I know you will enjoy this Mile High podcast episode from one of the warmest leaders in the chiropractic profession.


"The main focus of LCW is to be a safe place for us to gather as a community."
- Patti Giuliano

Question of the day: "What are the simple things that you do to help build community in your practice?" Please let me know in the comments.

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"You will never get the things that you want as long as you are focusing on the things that you don't want." - Daniel Knowles

Today's episode is a Mile High philosophy episode. Just this past weekend myself and my wife Richelle Knowles had the opportunity to speak at Sherman Chiropractic College Lyceum. In part of the presentation I shared about the concept of reorganization relative to the spine and nervous system. In this brief 15 minute episode we pose the question of whether you really want to have as your objective to restore the spine. Is that concept consistent with our philosophy or is it allopathic. Are we about fixing spines? Or are we about freeing lives?

My hope is this gets your wheels spinning and considering these concepts as your hands are on people this week as well as while you look at the state of their nerve system and spinal structures. As you're applying a force are you working against the body or with it? Are you applying a force for Innate to use to set the vertebra to where it needs to be or are you thrusting to where you feel the vertebra needs to go.

Continue to grow your philosophy and art and learn more science. If you enjoy this episode please share it and leave feedback on iTunes. Join us at The Mile High Movement Weekend August 18-21, 2016


"Wellness and health is an interactive process involving multiple aspect of ones life."
- Daniel Knowles

Question of the day: "Where is your focus when you are caring for people as a doctor of chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.

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